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PGS Global Express ensures extensive experience serving Amazon sellers. Since the Amazon fulfilments were launched, PGS EXP is sending goods from China to the worldwide Amazon fulfilment warehouses.

PGS EXP has set up a clear procedure and knows the complexity for the customs clearance at destination. PGS EXP has strong customs broker partners in all major Amazon warehouse areas.
Therefore, when we need to deliver the goods to Amazon FBA warehouse, we need a broker, local company or individual as notify party besides Amazon written as consignee. Otherwise, the goods might be return to China with high cost.
It’s clear to be shown on the commercial invoice: AMAZON as consignee followed by SHIP TO; Broker or other local company is SOLD TO. Please mark the SHIP TO well to avoid mistakes. There are mainly two types of issues of FBA shipments: DUTY and CUSTOMS CLEARANCE. In order to avoid problems, the shipper should follow the instructions below:


1. Before delivery, shipper should notify the importer about customs clearance and the receipt for the shipment to make sure that the notify party (SOLD TO) would assist Amazon or brokers to deal with the customs clearance.


2. The real importer’s (buyer or broker) company name, address, contact person, contact information (telephone, cell or email)should be marked well in the commercial invoice.


3. Due to Amazon not providing any customs clearance or tariff prepaid services, in order to avoid any delay, before the delivery, please confirm the payer of tariff. We suggest tariff prepaid or paid by the third party.


4. In order to avoid any mistake or omitting, shipper and importer should coordinate with each other to confirm the goods arrive at the FBA warehouse safely. If mistake or omitting occurs, importers or consignees wouldn’t/couldn’t provide detailed information, Amazon would not investigate the process. This would lead to be unable to claim loss and the total charge would be afforded by the shippers.

FBA Customs Clearance

Due to our extensive knowledge of customs regulations in China and overseas markets, PGS EXP is your consultant for all aspects. We will prepare and check all documents and goods in advance to avoid any delay or customs problems.

PGS EXP has contracted partners with many years of cooperation all over the world. In particular, the countries where Amazon is present: The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Mexico. For all these destinations we have worked out a clear tariff and shipping procedure
PGS is famous on our strong capability of customs clearance. Relied on PGS global network of agencies, all the FBA goods can be tracked and operated seamlessly, especially in the countries below: USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia and Mexico.

FBA Shipping

PGS Global Express has more than ten years’ experiences of serving Amazon sellers. Since the year of 2007 Amazon launching its FBA service, PGS Global Express has started cooperation with our partners worldwide and becomes one of the leading companies in this field.

Operation Process

FBA air and sea shipments

FBA air shipments

PGS has partner airlines and integrators with over 100 flights per week from China. It takes about 5 working days from China main area to the FBA warehouses in the United States and Western European countries. PGS EXP offers consolidated air services to achieve the best possible rates but also offer single shipment dispatch.
services to achieve the best possible rates but also offer single shipment dispatch.

FBA sea shipments

PGS EXP has 2 weekly closings for sea freight services to the United States and Europe. PGS EXP arranges the pre-inspection in China and prepares all documents for the clearance process.
The transit time, port to port to the US is 15-18 days and Europe 25-30 days.

FBA courier and PGS express

PGS FBA Transit Range

Amazon FBA warehouses in USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, etc.

FBA Returns and Label Changing

The Amazon account is closed, the products can not be sold or posted. It is a common situation for Amazon sellers and PGS EXP can assist you. PGS arranges the pickup, possible label change or repacking, and further ship the goods to your next selling hub or warehouse.

Through our years of experience working with E-commerce customers, we are aware that many Amazon sellers have a surplus in the FBA warehouse due to the following reasons:
1. The packing is damaged;
2. The listing is unqualified or invalid;
3. Products infringement.
4. Customers dislike the packing so they return the goods .
PGS EXP can solve the situation with our local representative and our experience

The reality is that most of the sellers are from overseas, they cannot handle these products. They can do nothing but wait. In this case, the surplus goods would become more and more. Except the extra storage charge and destroy fee by Amazon, the loss also includes payment of goods, labeling cost, freight fee, customs duty, FBA charge and potential profits. Handling surplus goods becomes one of the most troublesome issues for Amazon oversea sellers. Even if Amazon helps return the goods, there is no space to handle.
Returning back to China would spend a huge amount of freight fee; destroying the goods also would be a big loss; keeping in the warehouse would be charged storage fee. Please leave your products to PGS! PGS is another home of your products. PGS helps you out of the paradox of the above. PGS provides repacking, label changing, transport and re-sell services in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France and Japan. Our agencies all over world and colleagues working in oversea warehouses are familiar with Amazon’s rules, and they can handle label changing, packaging and transport quickly while receiving the returns. With PGS, you can maximize the benefits from all your products.

VAT Registration& Accounting in EU

Germany/Spain/UK Customs clearance + local delivery
VAT application + accounting Tax declaration + Amazon returns handling

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